Customer Stories:

More comfort in the summer house.

” We wanted more comfort for living at our

summerhouse - toilet inside and dishwasher

for the kitchen. We built the wastewater

treatment for greywater with BioBox XL.

Everything has worked well, servicing the

BioBox is easy. We clean the filters once a year

and compost the small amount of waste that


BioBox XL is definitely the most practical

solution for the BDT drain in the vacation

home we could find. We are very pleased with

BioBox XL”

Old sauna building and drainage.

“We bought a new summer house and there

was a sauna right on the shore of the lake. We

wanted a water pipe, hot water heater and

shower in there and at the same time would

improve grey water treatment.

We were looking for wastewater treatment

systems that would be efficient enough and

small to fit our site. BioBox XL was just what

we had been looking for. It works perfectly,

there is no smell and it is easy to handle.

It only takes 5-10 minutes once a year to

service it. Just pick up the filters and clean

them to the compost. We recommend BioBox

for our friends”.

RAITA BioBox greywater cleaner

With efficient biological process - easy to maintain - very low operating costs

RAITA BioBox XL - 600 l / 24 h/ 75 l/ h

RAITA BioBox M - 400 l / 24 h/ 50 l/ h

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