Customer Stories:

From vacation homes to permanent


” We wanted to renovate the vacation home

for year-round accommodation and needed a

treatment plant suitable for our small plot.

The bedrock was very close - even the roads

to the property were narrow. We decided to

install RAITAS PA0.8 MULTI sludge treatment

plant. With that I can compost the sludge

myself. The emptying of the sludge basket in

a 1-2 month interval is no discomfort - I save

hundreds hundreds of sludge costs annually,

and I'm not addicted to sludges with big


Old infiltration (11 years) was blocked.

The customer chose RAITA PA KAIVO

purification plant because the old wells were

in good condition.

"The installation was successful and the

treatment plant has worked well. There is no

smell on the hill!

Managing the treatment plant is easy - there

are clear instructions for use. The

management of the treatment plant is only a

control of systems and sludge drainage. It 

takes 5 minutes time once a month.


RAITA PA multi sewage cleaner

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RAITA PA 0.8 with 1,3m3 sludge tank

RAITA PA 0.8 with KY 30 sludge drying

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environmental technology 
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