Customer Stories:

12 treatment plants of the size 100 - 1500 inhabitants in

one municipality.

We delivered 12 treatment plants to one municipality 2012-

2013. The municipality renewed sewage treatment for its


Now they have been working for 4 years and have been

under the authority's eyesight, with 4 official controls for

each treatment plant per year.

The purification results of these tests show that the RAITA

PA XL plant works reliably with perfect results.

The purification result was in 99% of the 416 samples

30% better than the regulatory requirements (European

requirements). On average, the BOD level was 98% (> 10

mg), Phosphorus 95% (> 1 mg), Nitrogen 60% (> 30 mg)

All purification plants are connected to remote control.

They are also checked with visits once a week. Treatment plant has shown to be reliable, independent and effective. The cost per M3 purified water is approx 40% of what the cost of centralized system.     

RAITA PA XL sewage treatment plant

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With effective biological or biochemical process - different sludge treatment options - RRC remote control

Raita PA XL MULTI. Treatment plant with efficient cleaning results / favorable cost. It is Best Available Technology (BAT)
environmental technology 
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