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Raita Environment

Is a company specialized in

environmental technology.

The company's products and methods are based on long experience in environmental technology. With clean water, we started our operations in 1950. During the 1960s our first sewage treatment plant (ARGUMENT) came. During the 1970s and 1980s, environmentally friendly toilets and composts (TARA) came into operation. During 1990- 2000, wastewater treatment with biochemical methods for larger units for urban wastewater treatment plants. Today, we offer advanced environmental technology solutions for all these areas. Solutions in wastewater treatment, toilets and composting.

RAITA PRO network:

We collaborate with many local planners, retailers and installers. See the RAITA

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Our products; Environmentally friendly toilets, greywater cleaners, biological and biochemical treatment plants represents the most advanced technologies in the market. We offer efficient and reliable systems. We have always done that. Therefore, we are still on the market since the 1950s.
environmental technology 
Raita Environment