EV toilet seats

Urine separating (SEP)

Without urine separation (ECO)

material PE plastics - weigth 5 kg height 130 seatheight 500 bredd 400 length 580 connection pipe D200 (middlepoint 300 mm from back)
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The SEP seat separates the urine. Urine can be utilized as a fertilizer liquid. Separated liquid from the SEP seat can also be led to the compost container (method ECOSEP) then most of the moisture and nutrients of the liquid is utilized in composting process. The separated liquid liquid is still bacterial free because it is filtrated trough biofilter section in the back of the container (not in trough extremas). On average 95% of moisture can be removed by composting.The ECO seat does not separate, and all the fluid goes to the compost. The outcoming excess liquid contains more bacterias (than with ECOSEP method) In practice, the SEP seat requires some of the need for cleaning than ECO seat.
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