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Selection of modern composting public toilets 

We have many WC building

modells - generally, successful

installation has taken into

account the following issues:

To use the toilets and it’s maintenance is easy 

Pay attention to the easy access to the tank and its easy handling.

Using EV van system

ensure that the compost is fully composted before emptying. Pay attention that there is enough space for changing the van.

Enough capacity

EV toilet system has a large and flexible capacity. Make sure you have enough van for composting.

High load resistance

The EV toilet system has high load-bearing capacity and there are no any problems with much use.

Liquid handling

The excess liquid is discharged into wastewater (ECO or ECOSEP) or collected as a liquid fertilizer (SEP). Equip the system with an appropriate liquid collection / treatment system.

Capacity extensibility

It is possible to easily expand the composting capacity of the EV toilet system. Adding extra van to the system  will increase the capacity.

Odorless and hygienic

EV toilet system is odorless and hygienic in use. Ensure air circulation (use adjustable fan if necessary).

The right model for the right object

EV XL models for large applications   EV toilet funcions odourlessly, the materials are durable and easy to clean.